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410th Weekly Poetry Contest winner: Early Morning Walk & Autumn Affair

by Mohamed Sarfan

1.Early Morning Walk
Kissing the skies with a freshness
Each morning stroll to work
Across the end of summer
Carries a brisk walk across
Meadows half buried in mist
Agitated with the rising sunshine

Past swings covered in tears
From the freshness of the night air
And sunlight hovering
Over the top of the bowls club
Stretching slowly before
Eventually pulling itself upwards,

Disenchanted birds flying west
Then south with a weary cry
Admonished across the sky
Breathed from beyond the seasons
Wandered deep into a change
Around corners in murmured sunsets

Separating emotions around
The brushing of a few leafless trees
Standing at the edge of existence
Awakening different feelings
Eddied across my feet
Buried in yesterdays feelings.

2. Early Autumn Affair
Why don’t you ring up your job, Sarah
And tell them your stomach is off
Then we run off to the shops
On the coastline near your mums
Just before it turns into
A constant, brisk, chilly breeze.

Play bingo in the old bingo hall
And watch that old comic at the Palace
Whose name I always forget
And listen to the Walker Brothers
And Roy and Elvis and the Everleys
Serrating each other next to the station.

We could go to the arcade on the South Pier
That stays open until 4 in the morning
And eat again in that Italian Restaurant
That barred your Uncle Bobby after
Serving us the most amazing Pasta
For being violently sick in their toilets.

Push each other down Fold Street again
That leads past the Old Market
Which we haven’t been to since we were young
And then seeing somebody else
Until we got to Greengate Woods
Where we first made love.

Lift up our emotions
Right back up the very start
Love again what drew us together
Your parent’s house, your bedroom
Even if I couldn’t wait to run home
Fingering through my pockets for coins.

Our memories for dreams
Scaled in fractal brilliance.

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