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441st Weekly Poetry Contest winner: The Stuffed Animals are Running Wild

by MSchwartz

The stuffed animals are running wild.
No one believes me, but it's true.
They come to life at night.
My room is like a zoo.

I hear the lions roar with teeth so white,
Ostriches bury their heads under my bed from fright.
Gazelles sprint about the room with sheer grace,
Zebras’ hooves clippity clop to keep up the pace.

I see the monkeys swing from my closet hangers with ease.
Waddling penguins head to my window for a cool night’s breeze.
Bears stack my blocks for a brave balancing act.
Sea lions’ fins applaud making the sound of rat-ta-tat-tat.

Soon dawn will appear,
Morning will be here.
Back into stuffed animals they go.
Neither mom, dad, nor sis will ever know,
I have my own wild animal show.

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