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If you haven't read Brothers Karamazov by perhaps one of the greatest writers of all time Dostoevsky, here is a part, a story within a story, that will (I'm guessing) give you the needed push to run as fast as you can to the nearest library. Enjoy one of the greatest masterpieces of a brilliant mind of Dostoevsky!


I would love to hear opinions and impressions :)

I have read The Brothers Karamazov several times (Constance Garnett translation once, and the Pevear and Volokhonsky translation since it came out). There are so many interwoven stories. I remember first reading it in high school and thoroughly loving the intellectual banter at the trial, while glossing over most of Zosima's esoteric Christian humanism. Now, I skim the trial with chuckles for Dostoevsky's disdain for medical expertise. Zosima and the schoolboys are the highlight of my readings these days.

The Grand Inquisitor story is too frighteningly close to home.

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