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395th Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: This is not yet a poem

by T. E. Taylor

This is not yet a poem
of course, only notes
for a poem I’m going to write
very soon, like tomorrow,
or maybe next week. 
And so, because it’s not
a poem, like I said,
I’m sure you won’t mind
if I use the odd cliche,
if my similes all suck
like hoovers. You won’t
hum in embarrassment
as clunky great metaphors
totter and crash to the
floor. Just treat them
as odd bits of rock
left behind by a sculptor
because, as you know
this is not yet a poem
just a large heap of ore
from which, in good time
I will smelt me some lines.
In a month, did I say?
or maybe the month after that
I will make from this jumble
of cack handed language
a thing of rare beauty:
just thinking about it
is getting me so fired up
that I’m putting it right
to the top of the pile
of great poems I’m going
to write. In a while.

395th Weekly Poetry Contest