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499th Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: The Sun Met the Moon

by R. Lakhani

The Sun was the gold,
The great star of old that
Held ev’ry king in thrall
As his light conquered all.
To soft sentiment, he was immune
Until the Sun met the Moon.

Her mare’d, lustrous complexion,
Eventide’s dark gossamer gown
Adorned with pearls of stars—
There, with a spark,
The world went dark
At the height of noon
When the Sun met the Moon.

And she was delighted by his radiance,
The blazing spectacle of each rise,
While he was enchanted by her loveliness,
The dream-filled repose as the light dies;
But rarely could they commune
After the Sun met the Moon.

Because the pair was doomed by fate,
Bound by duty to bear a world’s weight.
So the Sun shrouded the Moon in light,
A coat to assuage each cold night
So she would not forget too soon
The day the Sun met the Moon.

499th Weekly Poetry Contest