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E. Kristin Anderson

This is a fun interview about a new book.

"E. Kristin Anderson’s newest chapbook is full of epistolary poems written to Prince. How could we not want to know more?"


I just received Anderson's latest chapbook, Pray, Pray, Pray, and though I have not yet read through the entire volume carefully enough to warrant a review, her voice is engaging, careful but accessible, and her imagery captures your imagination well. I'll readily admit that my knowledge of Prince's music is limited, but that's beside the point here. It might make the poems more enjoyable or add more depth to understand all the Prince references, but there's nothing lacking without that knowledge.

Besides, I appreciated the production from Pork Belly Press. The book is small, though not quite small enough to be a CD booklet, and the formatting is pleasing. (There is nothingn more off putting to me than a poorly formatted publication.) The artistic presentation of the book is a  beautiful complement to a strong collection of poems.