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Interview with Greg Kosmicki - Canopic Jar

This is a fine interview with an excellent poet. Kosmicki's answers are considered and engaging. The following excerpt is a fine example of Kosmicki's candor.

"It took me a lot of years of raising kids, making a living driving a truck, being a social worker, working in a group home, selling door-to-door, to realize that I am no different than any other human on the block except that I write poems about my experience. If I didn’t have my daily life that involved being out in the public for more than forty years with people who could give a shit less about poetry, and know nothing about it except in an idealized sense of it being something special that they can’t understand, like nuclear reactions or organic farming, or think of poetry as the stuff that they find on cards they give people on special occasions, I wouldn’t have anything to write about, and certainly nothing to teach about."