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Moon Pigeon Press: John Reinhart interview

Moon Pigeon Press publishes two poems a month, each hand printed and mailed with an accompanying interview. My poem "ascension" was featured in the May 8, 2015 edition. Two of my poems appear in this biannual online edition, with an accompanying interview.


Interview with John Reinhart


What is the role of form in your poetry?

Who are Abigail and Richard?

You stated in a previous interview that you felt it was your duty as a poet to “observe the world’s nuances and express the understanding of [the] physical environment in the context of universal truth.” What other duties do you feel you have that are specific to a poet, either within the poem, or as an identity?

What creative projects–poetry or otherwise–are you currently working on?


Loved your "however" on poetry forms, there is no arguing with that.
Really interesting interview :)