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Dollhouse Mirror Review

This is a short and sweet review of The Dollhouse Mirror (featured as the top right graphic on my screen) from Richard Heby of Beechwood Review.


(I recommend the Beechwood Review to anyone wanting to submit poems. The "about" section reads

"We don’t take ourselves too seriously here, and by we I mean me. I say “we” in the hopes that you think there’s a big team behind this small review, but there isn’t. It’s just me, Richard J. Heby—writer and editor from New York City. I like minimalism. I believe chaos and reason are closely connected. I want words that show me that.

I started this review because I see a lot of good work out there, and I wanted to have a place to showcase it. My idea of “good” varies greatly from a lot of the journals and magazines that I’ve read, and I want to show my appreciation for the talents of authors who may go otherwise unnoticed."