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new Reinhart chapbook: screaming

My latest chapbook is now available https://www.createspace.com/7397522

What dreams do you fear?

Here Reinhart expands from his sci-fi, experimental, and family standards for a darker pen dipped in blood, darkness, loss, confusion, disorientation, and fear. 

These 24 prose poems deviate in style from Reinhart's previous collections, but readers familiar with his work will recognize common themes of personal struggle, light in darkness, ants, papers, and Kevin Bacon.

Reinhart describes himself as a transtemporal arsonist, so these vignettes serve as sparks in the night against time, little possibilities to light the morning path. 

His work has been nominated for multiple Rhysling and Dwarf Stars Awards, and Reinhart was awarded the 2016 Dark Poetry Scholarship from the Horror Writers Association. Darkness is beautiful, even as it eats away at each of us.

To date, he has penned four collections of poetry, most recently "broken bottle of time" (Alban Lake, 2017). Find his work at http://home.hampshire.edu/~jcr00/reinhart.html and @JReinhartPoet