1. The Coronation -

1. The Coronation.
Y E verses, O my valiant verses!
Up, up, and be ye armed!
Let all the trumpets flourish,
And raise upon a shield
The youthful Maiden,
Who now enthrals my heart,
Aye, my whole heart as Queen!

All hail, all hail, young Queen!
From the sun above me
Snatch I the shining, ruddy gold,
And weld therefrom a coronet
For thine anointed head.
From the fluttering silk of Heaven's blue canopy
I'll cut a costly fragment,
And hang it as a coronation-robe
On thine imperial shoulders.

A kingly household will I bring thee
Of sonnets strait-laced and formal,
Haughty terzets and supple rhymes;
For running footman take my wit,
For fool my rollicking fancy,
As herald — my shield bears a tear that is laughing —
Let my humour serve thee!
But for myself, O Queen of mine,
Before thee in dust I am kneeling,
And tender on crimson velvet-cushion
Homage — tender to thee
The morsel of brains,
Which thy predecessor in the realm
In pity spared to me.
Author of original: 
Heinrich Heine
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