On the 30th of June to God

This day I will my thankes sure now declare
By Sermons, Bounties of each harty prayer
To thee great God, who gave thy bounty large
Saveing my Father from the Enemyes charge
Not onely soe, but made him victour lead
Chargeing his Enemyes with linckes of lead
To let them now thy workes plaine see
Sayeing my litle Flock shall Conquerors bee
And it was true Fairfax was then more great
But yet Newcastle made him sure retreat
Therefore I'le keepe this thy victoryes day
If not in publique by some private way
In spite of Rebells who thy lawes deface
And blot the footsteps of thy sonns blood trace
Thus will my soules devotion to thee send
And all my life in thankes an votery spend
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