7 The Body of Divinity Versifyed -

The Body of Divinity Versifyed.

A GOD there is, a GOD of boundless Might,
In Wisdom, Justice, Goodness Infinite.

[ Heb. XI . 6. Psal. CXLVII . 5. CXLV .9, 17.]

God is but ONE , & yet in Persons Three
The Father, Son, & Spirit , One God we see.

[1 Job. V. 7.]

Our God, by His Great Name


HE the World Made , and Keeps , and Rules Alone.

[ Neh. IX . 6.]

To Glorify the Glorious GOD, is That
For which He did all Men, & me Create.

[ Isai. XLI . 21.]

God a Just Rule doth in our Bible give,
A Rule , both what to Think , and how to Live .

[2 Tim. III . 15, 16, 17]

Holy & Happy our First Parents came
From Gods Hand, with Gods Image in our Frame.

[ Gen. I . 27.]

Tasting Forbidden Fruit our Parents fell;
This Taste has plung'd Mankind all down to Hell .

[ Rom. V . 12]

Our Blest Lord JESUS CHRIST, in our Distress,
Comes to fetch us from Hell to Blessedness .

[ Luk. XIX . 10]

Into His Person , the Bright Son of God
A Virgins Son took; There he makes Abode .

[ Isa. VII . 14.]

Life as a Priest CHRIST will His People bring,
Light as a Prophet , and Law as a King .
[Psal. CX .4. Acts III . 22. Isa. XXXIII .22.]
For us our Surety Liv'd , for us He Dy'd ,
And Rising did to Heav'n in Triumph Ride.

[ Phil . II. 7, 8, 9.]

By Faith to CHRIST we for salvation go;
Faith too, as well as That must He bestow.

[ Eph. II .8.]

For Sin will the renew'd Believer Mourn ,
And from all Sin , hee'l by Repentance Turn .

[ Acts XX . 21.]

Sinners receiving of Gods Pardon , they
Gods Precept will, made Saints , with Love Obey .

[ Tit. II . 12, 13, 14.]

All Homage we must yield unto the Lord;
In all Directed, by his Heavenly Word .
His Works and Names , we may not use in Vain;
Nor by our Works thereon His Days profane.
With Honours due we must our Neighbours treat;
And sweetly wish them Lives both Long and Sweet .
With Chastity we must our selves Behave;
And do no Wrong in what we get or Save.
Truth we must utter, and Abhor to Lye;
And be Content , tho' in Adversity.
[ Exod. XX 3-17. Matth. XXI 1.37, 38, 39]

Them who to be in CHRIST thro' Grace , Consent,
God brings into His Gracious Covenant .

[ Isa. LV . 3.]

The Baptism of the Lord, assures that we
Both Wash'd from Sin and Rais'd from Death , shall be.

[ Rom. V . 4, 5.]

To See the Lord, we at His Table Sitt,
And show that we shall in His Kingdom eat.

[1 Cor. XI . 26.]

Gods Children His Good Promises Enjoy;
And Good comes of what Ill may them annoy.

[2 Pet 1.4; Rom. VII . 28.]

His Angels he to them does Guardians make;
And these their Souls , at their Departure take.

[ Heb. I . 14.]

To Judge the World , CHRIST will descend at Last;
A Righteous Doom shall by that Judge be past.

[ Acts XVI . 31.]

The Wicked shall bear bitter Pain and Shame ,
With Wicked Spirits in Eternal Flame.
The Godly shall, with their Great GOD, on High,
Reap Joyes , High Joyes , to all Eternity.

[ Matth. XXV . 46.]
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