Acrostic On the Revd Wm Todman Yardley Hastings, An

On the Revd Wm Todman Yardley Hastings

Right is the man who builds his hopes on high
Eternal language written in the sky
Verse there is melody outpeering time
Diurnal tongues of stars and suns sublime
Wisdom is written there without disguise
Mind in that shining volume never dies
To day, tomorrow still remain the same
On the eternal record they proclaim
Death there is no inhabitant — they shine
Mid centuries past — and still appear divine
Another world in every star appears
'Neath the blue concave of the rolling spheres
Young worlds, and newer systems reappear
Another and another year by year
Revolving in immensity of space
Designed for heaven and the human race
Light there is endless — the eternal spheres
Envelope destinies unknown to years
Youth is their atmosphere — life never dies
Hours are as centuries in those happy skies
All there is timeless, endless, spaceless all
Stations for angels free from human thrall
To day — tomorrow never shadows there
In climes celestial lives no shades of care
Nought mortal lives — all that was dust is gone
God is their sovereign and the only one.
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