Act I. Scene II. A Forest In Arragon.

[Enter Mouse with a bottle of Hay.]

O horrible, terrible! Was ever poor Gentleman
so scared out of his seven Senses? A Bear? nay,
sure it cannot be a Bear, but some Devil in a
Bear's Doublet: for a Bear could never have had
that agility to have frighted em. Well, I'll see my
Father hanged, before I'll serve his Horse any more:
Well, I'll carry home my Bottle of Hay, and for
once make my Father's Horse turn puritan and
observe Fasting days, for he gets not a bit. But
soft! this way she followed me, therefore I'll take
the other Path; and because I'll be sure to have an
eye on him, I will take hands with some foolish
Creditor, and make every step backward.

[As he goes backwards the Bear comes in, and he
tumbles over, and runs away and leaves his bottle
of Hay behind him.]
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