Act II. Scene I. The Camp Of The King Of Arragon.

[Enter the King with a young prince prisoner, Amadine,
Tremelio, with Collen and counselors.]

Now, brave Lords, our wars are brought to end,
Our foes to the foil, and we in safety rest:
It us behooves to use such clemency
In peace as valour in the war
It is as great honor to be bountiful
At home as to be conquerors in the field.
Therefore, my Lords, the more to my content,
Your liking, and your country's safeguard,
We are disposed in marriage for to give
Our daughter to Lord Segasto here,
Who shall succeed the diadem after me,
And reign hereafter as I tofore have done,
Your sole and lawful King of Arragon:
What say you, Lordings, like you of my advise?

And please your Majesty, we do not only allow of
your highness pleasure, but also vow faithfully in
what we may to further it.

Thanks, good my Lords, if long Adrostus live,
He will at full requite your courtesies.
In recompense of thy late valour done,
Take unto thee the Catalonea prince,
Lately our prisoner taken in the wars.
Be thou his keeper, his ransom shall be thine:
We'll think of it when leisure shall afford:
Mean while, do use him well; his father is a King.

Thanks to your Majesty: his usage shall be such,
As he thereat shall think no cause to grutce.

[Exeunt Tremelio and Prince.]

Then march we on to court, and rest our wearied limbs.
But, Collen, I have a tale in secret kept for thee:
When thou shalt hear a watch word from thy king,
Think then some weighty matter is at hand
That highly shall concern our state,
Then, Collen, look thou be not far from me:
And for thy service thou to fore hast done,
Thy trueth and valour proud in every point,
I shall with bounties thee enlarge therefore:
So guard us to the court.

What so my sovereign doth command me do,
With willing mind I gladly yield consent.

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