Adelaide, Adelaide, why art thou sleeping


Adelaide, Adelaide why art thou sleeping
The sun's oe'r the hill and the dew's on the bushes
The rose on thy cheek with blushes will deepen
And loud is the singing of blackbirds and thrushes
Adelaide why art thou sleeping
O'er the river the willow is weeping
Then wake from thy slumbers, rise with the sun
For morning, and music, and joy is begun


In the thornbush, the thrushes are singing
On the river the morehens are swim[m]ing
From the village church music is ringing
And no clouds are the morning beams dimming
Adelaide Adelaide rise love
For bright are the fields and the skies love
Green looks the cornfields, and clear the brooks run
The Glory and prime of the morning's begun


Can Adelaide fair, young, and blooming
Let the sunrise tell dews of the morning
That her summer of beauty is coming
And not wake to see the adorning
Come wake from thy s[l]umber
Here's charms without number
Woods, vale and mountain — the sunshine and shade
All wait with new beauties for fair Adelaide
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