Adieu! my love adieu!
Be constant and be true
As the daiseys gemm'd wi dew
Bonny Maid
Dews are on the braken
Which the playful winds are shaking
Sweet songs the birds are making
In the shade


The moss upon the tree
Is as green as green can be
The clover on the lea
Ruddy glowed
Leave's were silver wi the dew
Where the tall sow thistles grew
And I bad the maid adieu
On the road


Then I took myself to sea
While the little chiming bee
Sung his ballads oe'r the lea
Chiming sweet
And the blue wing'd butterfly
Was sailing through the sky
Skimming up and bouncing by
Near my feet


I left the little birds
And sweet lowing o the herds
And couldn't find out words
Do you see
To say to them goodbye
Where the yellow cups do lye
So heaving a deep sigh
Took to sea.
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