Had these eyes never seen you,
This heart kept its paces,
This mind—flooded river—
Had glassed not your graces;
Though lone my cold pillow
In peace I had slumbered,
Whose hours now of waking
By moments are numbered.

You came; ice-still, asp-like;
You glanced 'neath your lashes;
You smiled—and you sighed out
Life's flame into ashes.
No compassion you showed me,
Void breast, cheating laughter:
Now I swing to my tryst
From this night-clotted rafter.

Peep out with your eyes.
Pout your mouth. Tilt your nose.
'Gainst the stench and the flies
Cull a balm-sprig, a rose.
This tongue that is stilled—
Not a tremor! Oh, else,
The whole roof of heaven
Would cry, False!
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