After the End

Oh sorry meaning! Oh, wistful sound!
Lilted and shouted, whistled and ground,
Still in my brain you will waltz and beat?
Haunt me no longer, tune of the street!
Standing between the quick and the dead,
I buy you off with a word of dread:
What will it matter who danced at the ball,
Or whose heart broke at the end of all?
After the end of all things,
After the years are spent,
After the loom is broken,
After the robe is rent,
Will there be hearts a-beating,
Will friend converse with friend,
Will men and women be lovers,
After the end?

Roses and dew, the stars and the grass,
Kingdoms and homes like fashions must pass,
Seedtime and harvest, sunshine and rain
Cease and be welcomed never again;
But passion and power, courage and truth,
Grace and delight and beauty and youth,
Will they go out like the lights at a ball
With sun, moon and stars, at the end of all?
After the spheral music
Ceases in Heaven's wide room,
After the trump has sounded,
After the crack of doom,
Never will any sweetheart
A loving message send,
Never a blush light the darkness
After the end?
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