Ah when we look on pleasant things

Ah when we look on pleasant things
& think how time destroys
We little know where pleasure springs
Or what to call as joys

So prone is life to fade away
So frail is human breath
The sun neer leaves the earth a day
Without the news of death

Yon trees that shade the churchyard wall
Was once a pleasant place
& I with one played hoop & ball
& gloried in the race
We sat us neath that very tree
When our school farewell we gave
But I neer thought that I should see
That spot my partners grave

We gathered daiseys many a one
Nor felt what was to come
We cropt them by the church yard wall
Nor thought upon the tomb
We read the stones & laughed the while
Deaths names was all unknown
& I neer thought when next I came
That I should read his own

The past & future ill agree
They neer agree at all
Though honey at their fountain be
It runs itself to gall
Theres not an extacy that springs
Up in the heart alone
But sorrow on times raven wings
Shall purchace as his own

He joined a group on last years eve
Where each face glowed with bliss
& little thought when taking leave
What change would be in this
He left a gay & merry soul
The happiest creature there
& when the new year came again
There stood his empty chair

An aged soul with haggard eye
Who wished from day to day
On pains uneasy bed to dye
Was still amid the gay
But he whose life by youth supplied
A lease the longest gave
His chair & books was set aside
& he was in his grave

Times past & present who hath mournd
A stranger destiny
Tho but a single page was turned
From what had used to be

Two brothers that have been apart
For even fifty years
Meet not such strangness in the heart
Or coldness that appears
Between the new year & the old
When but twelve months are bye
Of friendships rendered winter cold
& pleasures doomed to die

The absent ah that mournful word
How many sighs it wears
Our childern at our homely board
Are growing into cares
Though present now yet chilling years
Will part the strongest chain
& many part with sighs & tears
That never meet again

Some dare & brave the seas alarms
Of lifes rude destinies
That fled when childern from the storms
Between their fathers knees
Some wander over unknown lands
Pining to meet their own
Some in the church yards memory stands
Beneath a humble stone

I think of days indeed of joy
When flowers were nought but flowers
When laughter never knew a sigh
& springs seemed strange to showers
I think—& hide my heart away
Almost from summers glee
Though joy to all the world beside
Tis sorrow unto me

The primrose gave my heart delight
Unmixt with thoughts of pain
None then had loved it in my sight
I neer can meet again
The daiseys face neer caused a sigh
Nor one lone feeling gave
It then neer met my gushing eye
On friendships early grave

Farewells are sung in prose & ryhme
To pleasures that are fled
& I have thought me many a time
Oer memorys cold & dead
& little things that trifles seem
Saved from the wreck of years
Endeard by age with heart-esteem
That wake us into tears

The feelings all that absence leaves
Of youths & loves esteems
Mans lonely aching breast receives
Like beautys seen in dreams
When waking from the extasy
Of faces painted there
We feel the sad reallity
That earth owns nought so fair

In infancy we share the joy
Of lifes best sunny hours
& bees will go to buds when green
& not to withered flowers

Spring comes with all her mirth & joy
To renovate the year
The meanest thing that winter wronged
Shall find a welcome here
Twill bring a life for every ill
A balm for every pain
Een solitude will meet a flower
To deck its graves again
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