Airs of Palestine, No. 2

God from a Cloud to Spender spoke

And breathed command: " Take thou this Rod,

And smite therewith the living Rock " ;

And Spender hearkened unto God.

God shook the Cloud from East to West,

Riding the swart tempestuous blast;

And Spender, like a man possess'd,

Stood quaking, tremulous, aghast.

And Spender struck the living Rock,

And lo! the living Rock was wet,

From which henceforth at twelve o'clock

Issues the Westminster Gazette.

Swift at the stroke of Spender's pen

The viscid torrents crawl and writhe

Down the long lanes of dogs and men

To Canning Town and Rotherhithe,

To Bermondsey and Wapping Stair,

To Clapham Junction and to Sheen,

To Leicester and to Grosvenor Square

Bubble those floods of bilious green.

To Old Bond Street, the street of gems,

To Hammersmith and Stamford's rill;

Troubling the sources of the Thames

Mounting the crest of Highgate Hill.

And higher still the torrent flows

And circles Zion's pearly wall,

Wherein, by Mary's garden close,

There sit Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

For there the risen souls flock in

And there they innocently strip,

And purge themselves of all their sin

Up to the navel or the hip.

And such as have the skill to swim

Attain at length the farther shore

Cleansed and rejoiced in every limb,

And hate the Germans more and more.

They are redeemed from heresies

And all their frowardness forget;

The scales are fallen from their eyes

Thanks to the Westminster Gazette.

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