Alas, dear heart! what hope had I


Alas, dear heart, what hap had I
If that I might your grace attain!
And since I love you faithfully,
Why should ye not love me again?

Methinks of right ye should me love,
For well ye know I do not feign,
Nor never shall ye other prove.
Therefore, sweetheart, love me again.

I dare well say, if that ye knew
How long that I have suffered pain,
Ye would not change me for no new
But even of right love me again.

For as your own, ye may be sure,
Ye have my heart still to remain.
It lieth in you me to recure.
Therefore, sweetheart, love me again.

In hope I live and have done long,
Trusting yet still for to obtain,
And sure, methinks, I have great wrong
If that I be not loved again.
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