All Things are Yours

Behold the grant the King of kings
Hath to his subjects given:
" All things are yours, " it saith; all things
That are in earth and heaven.

The saints are yours, to guide you home,
And bless you with their prayers;
The world is yours, to overcome
Its pleasures and its cares;

And life is yours, to give it all
To works of faith and love;
And death is yours, a welcome call
To higher joys above;

All present things are yours: whate'er
God's providence decreed,
Is from his treasures culled with care,
And sent to suit thy need;

And things to come are yours; and all
Shall ever ordered be,
To keep thee safe, whate'er befall,
And work for good to thee;

And Christ is yours — his sacrifice,
To speak your sins forgiven;
His righteousness the only price
That thou canst pay for heaven.

Thus God is yours — thus reconciled,
His love your bliss secures,
The Father looks upon the child
And saith, " All things are yours "
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