Amelia Thou Maid of My Bosom Come Hither

Amelia thou maid of my bosom come hither
The hedges are green and the day fit for wooing
Come e're the trees and the bushes all wither
By the old ivied Ash where the ring dove is cooing
For clear is the landscape and sweet is the weather
Wi' the leaves and the blossoms all covered wi' dew
Amelia there we will wander together
And crop the proud flowers i' fields we go through.

Where the primrose it blooms by the mossy green thorn
And the Violet smells on the green mossy bank
And the writing lark lays by the path i the corn
And the hedge sparrows eggs where the bramble grows rank
As blue as the blue bell below the moss nest
Then come my Amelia as soon as sunrise
Gather primrose or violet as suiteth thee best
And take home the wild flowers as bright as thy eyes.

Put on thy straw hat sweet Amelia and come
And throw on thy shawl yellow spotted and brown
We'll follow the Bee in its musical hum
And leave all beside i' the Cottage and Town
The butterfly waiting to court your new gown
The path for your footsteps shuns most of the dew
The old Ivied ash tree leans as if to fall down
And the birds morning music is waiting for you.
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