And Must We Part?

And must we part that once so close
And fond where knit together
Loves buds betorn by wonton force
The flowers for summer weather
And must my happy thoughts decay
And summer blossoms wither
The hope that cheered me many a day
Must now belong to neither.

Yet still the Cottage chimney smokes
Beneath the spreading walnut
Though heeded not by other folks
There evil can no gall put
Green grass there looks never cold
'Sward daisies none looks whiter
The willow leaves fall off like gold
In autumn and look brighter.

To Bessey I'll not say farewell
Nor trouble feel at parting
I'll love the Cottage where ye dwell
And feel one truth as certain
For natures self will dwell wi' me
To charm all sorts o' weather
And love and truth will still agree
And leave us both together.
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