And What Do I Owe You, God

And what do I owe You, God, for my gifts:
I owe you perspiration and suffering and
all the dark night of my life:
God I owe you godliness and diligence,
God I owe you this blackest loneliness,
and terrified dreams —
but humbleness, God, I have none and
I owe it You: for I would have You
reach down a hand to me, to help me
up to You — Oh I am not humble.
Give me this last gift, God, and I will
be humble, I will owe You humbleness,
but only give me the gift.
Spit in my soul, God, for asking and
always asking, and for not giving and
owing what I have given, and give,
and shall give: God make me give .
Old Job there of the three thousand five
hundred years a-mouldering in his grave,
Old Job there is your servant, God:
forgive me for my youth, then forgive
me for it , God, oh make me a giver.
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