Ane Sonet to the Authour Sir Richard Maitland

Your predicessours' prayse, and prowes hie;
Thair hardie hairts, hawtie, heroicall,
Of dew desert deservis never to die;
Bot to be pen'd, and plac'd as principall,
And metest, mirrour of manheid martiall:
Unto thair lyne and linage to give licht.
Of quhom ye come: quhose ofspring yow to call
Ye merit weill, resembling thame so richt.
Thoch thay wer manfull men of mekil micht,
Thair douchtie deids in yow hes not decayit.
Ye, wittie, wyse, and valyeant, warriour wicht!
Hes with the pen the poet's pairt weill playit:
Quhairby your Lordschip hes enlairged thair fame;
And to yourself maid an immortall name.
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