Anecdote of Love, An

When April & dew brings primroses here
I think love of you at the Spring o' the year
Did I harbour bad words when your garter fell off
I to stoop was deterred but I stood not to scoff
A bitt of brown list of small value must be
But as it lay there 'twas a diamond to me

Ere back you turned to pick it up
I noticed well the place
For children there for violets stoop
With many a rosey face
I fain would stoop myself you see
But dare not well presume
The Blackbird sung out let it be
The maid was in her bloom

How beautiful that ancle was
From which that garter fell
And lusty was the bonny lass
Whose name I dare not tell
I know the colour of her gown
Her bonnet Ribbon too
The fairest maiden in the town
Is she that wears the blue

Though years have gone but when I see
The green spot where it fell
The stitchwort flower delighteth me
There blooming in the dell
And years may come no winter seers
The green haunts of the Dove
Those wild flowers stand the bl[i]ght of years
Sweet anecdotes of love--
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