Angels of Earth

Love is the immortal souls delight
For " God is love" we see
I love His seasons day and night
His world so fair and free
The evening breeze and morning gale
And Gods own masterpiece
Woman! Thy joys can never fail
Our pleasures to increase


I loved sweet woman from a boy
They are Gods types o' love
Wi' bosoms white all full o' joy
Wafting our thoughts above
Angels o' earth though made wi clay
Love clippit o' the wing
To them I sang my early lay
Continue still to sing


Their soft eyes tell o' bliss in heaven
Sweet are the words they say
In their sweet smile the power is given
To cheer our lonely way
Their rosy cheeks and lips I loved
Their diamond eyes I sung
My songs of love by them approved
By them my harp was strung


Creations masterpiece is woman!
Of lifes dark sphere the soul
Queen o' every blossom bloomin
A light to charm the whole
Angels of earth tho' made of clay
Loves type without a wing
My first at last immortal lay
Is woman! when I sing.
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