Dick's sprightly Wit, like bottled Beer,
For ever bouncing out,
In Froth pursues its full Career,
And spatters all about.

Whene'er the hum'rous Topics rise,
Nor Stop nor Stay he knows,
But slap the picquant Raill'ry flies
Alike at Friends or Foes.

Not the most clear or sacred Name
Can 'scape the trying Test;
But still, let Heaven and Earth reclaim,
Still he must urge his Jest.

And hence, with Joy too dearly priz'd
Tho' thus he rules the Roast,
Soon shall he see himself despis'd,
And all his Friendships lost.

As He has His, he soon must find
The World will have Their Whim.
He laughs and sneers at all Mankind,
And all Mankind at Him.
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