RECITATIVE ( accompanied ).

A Redeemer gave the word —
By applauding Angels heard.

Chorus .

A Son of God his mantle throws,
The lightning sleeps — the waves repose.
Unhallow'd forms of Guilt and Fear ,
Like melting shadows, disappear.

A IR .

No more shall Infamy and Scorn
Pollute the guilty Parent's blood ;
No more shall blast the opening bud,
Nor chill the lustre of the morn.
With glowing hearts the Little Race ,
In efforts rude of breathless joy,
Their infant-orisons employ,
And catch the fervent beams of Grace.

A IR and Chorus .

O, Parent of the Fatherless!
Redeem thy offspring — save, and bless!
Here Nature's wreck has found a shore;
Despair shall tempt the deep no more.
Their little flock shall Angels rear;
The Sun dispels the Shepherd's fear:
On Heaven's bright altar Love shall rest,
Philanthropy! — thy work is blest .

Chorus .

'Tis here Philanthropy is blest,
On this bright altar Love shall rest.
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