Apostrophe to Neptune. "The Knights"

" THE Knights . "

Neptune, lord of land and deep,

From the lofty Sunian steep,

With delight surveying

The fiery-footed steeds,

Frolicking and neighing

As their humour leads —

And rapid cars contending

Venturous and forward,

Where splendid youths are spending

The money that they borrowed.

Thence downward to the ocean,

And the calmer show

Of the dolphin's motion

In the depths below;

And the glittering galleys

Gallantly that steer,

When the squadron sallies,

With wages in arrear.

List, O list!

Listen and assist,

Thy Chorus here!

Mighty Saturn's son!

The support of Phormion,

In his victories of late;

To the fair Athenian State

More propitious far,

Than all the gods that are,

In the present war.

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