Arabella Seymour

Oh for the glow of Titian
Or Shakesperes wondrous themes
I then might sing of what thou art
The beautiful of dreams
Thine eye the language of the soul
What eloquence can vie
With their calm light which beauty stole
Whose spirit makes reply


The immortality of mind
The happy face reveals
And something more than earthly love
Upon the gazer steals
These lips are full of pastoral thoughts
How beautiful they are
The ripest cherries on the tree
Nor rubies are so fair


Sweet Arabella blooming on
Of Seymour's name the star
That shines in aether spangling on
The loveliest beauty far
Oh for a Titian's tints to glow
And Shakespeares pen to move
How would I sing thy name below
The beautiful of Love —
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