Art and Poetry


WESS he says, and sort o' grins,
" Art and Poetry is twins!

" Yit, if I'd my pick, I'd shake
Poetry, and no mistake!

" Pictures, allus 'peared to me ,
Clean laid over Poetry!

" Let me draw , and then, i jings,
I'll not keer a straw who sings.

" 'F I could draw as you have drew,
Like to jes' swap pens with you!

" Picture-drawin' 's my pet vision
Of Life-work in Lands Elysian.

" Pictures is first language we
Find hacked out in History.

" Most delight we ever took
Was in our first Picture-book.

" 'Thout the funny picture-makers,
They'd be lots more undertakers!

" Still, as I say, Rhymes and Art
'Smighty hard to tell apart.

" Songs and pictures go together
Same as birds and summer weather. "

So Wess says, and sort o' grins,
" Art and Poetry is twins. "
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