To Ask for All Thy Love

To ask for all thy love and thy whole heart,
'Twere madness.
I do not sue, nor can admit,
Fairest, from you to have all yet:
Who giveth all hath nothing to impart
But sadness.

He that receiveth all, can have no more
Than seeing.
My love by length of every hour
Gathers new strength, new growth, new flower;
You must have daily new rewards in store,
Still being.

You cannot every day give me your heart
For merit:
Yet, if you will, when yours doth go
You shall have still one to bestow;
For you shall mine, when yours doth part,

Yet if you please I 'll find a better way
Than change them;
For so alone, dearest, we shall
Be one and one another's all.
Let us so join our hearts that nothing may
Estrange them.
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