Asking Wisdom from Above

Thou fount of every good requir'd!
Thou source of wisdom! depth of skill!
Thou, who hast now our hearts inspir'd
To seek the councils of thy will,
Oh! let our schemes thy impress bear,
Matur'd with heav'nly art and care.

To thy omniscient sight alone,
Past, present, future, all are seen;
None but omnipotence hath known
What to his glory most hast been;
And what is now, and what will be,
Is only known, O God! to thee.

To thee we therefore turn the eye,
The longing look, the earnest pray'r,
Imploring wisdom from on high,
Casting on thee our ev'ry care;
The honor of thy cause maintain,
Nor let us ask thy help in vain.

Behold thy willing servants stand,
And wait thy gracious influence, Lord
United as a brother—band,
We look to thee with one accord;
Fully agreed in thy great name,
To make thy glory our sole aim.
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