Christ will prove the true attraction
When a sinner feels his need,
When he sees in every action
Nothing in God's court to plead.

When a sinner, judgment knowing,
Wants a Saviour who can save,
Then, from human efforts going,
For free mercy will he crave.

Christ will prove the true attraction,
He will save the sinner lost!
Law demanded its full action,
But the Saviour met the cost.

Wondrous mercy now outshining,
Shows redemption's work is done,
And no more in death repining,
We are welcomed in God's Son.

Christ is still the one attraction,
To each child of God made nigh.
Other names and schemes cause faction,
How can we on men rely?

His the name, Himself the center,
His the glory when we meet,
In Himself by grace we enter,
Where there is the mercy seat!
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