What time the Child did travel,
'To Pharaoh's land addressed,
When only roofless gravel
Was all His place of rest,

He found a deputation
Of beasts upon His path,
Who made a fair oration,
And offered spoil and math.

The eagle was the speaker;
(Who is the king of birds)
He spake for dumb and weaker,
And these were all his words:

I have a perilous eyrie
Where Thou may'st well repose
Myself will never weary,
But watch, and slay Thy foes.

A pair of storks invite Thee
To share their lowland rest.
Their house may well delight Thee:
Tis a capacious nest.

And softer than a billow
Of down the thistles shed,
The eider-duck a pillow
Provideth for Thy head.

A silly sheep conceiveth
To offer Thee a coat.
The spider saith she weaveth
Exceeding neat by rote.

A board of lentils showeth
A rosy cockatoo;
The ears of corn he knoweth
Are neither lean nor few.

A basket filled with honey
The tribute of the bees;
Golder than Caesar's money…
I praise the gift of these.

A brace of kids relinquish
The moiety of their milk.
I can no more distinguish
The gifts of wool and silk

The Bambino:

Lord eagle, tis My pleasure
Thou tell both bird and beast
I take and I will treasure
The gifts, unto the least

I hold a strait commission
Which doth not yet allow,
In matter of condition
That I assume them now.

But in My house of plenty,
Where all repletion is,
Larder and press were scanty
If it were not for these.
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