Ave Maria In Rome

FAR away dim violet mountains
Fade away from sight;
Flashing from fantastic fountains,
Jets the liquid light,
Where from Nymph's or Triton's lip
Bubbling waters drip and drip,
Bubbling day and night.

Pealed from tower to answering tower,
O'er the city swells,
Ringing in the hallowed hour,
Rhythm of bells on bells;
And on wings of Choral Song,
Confluent hearts to Mary throng,
From low, cloistered cells.

On the golden ground of even,
Like a half-way home,
On the pilgrim to heaven
Floats St. Peter's Dome;
High, high, in the air alone,
Man's dread Thought transformed to stone,
Pinnacled o'er Rome.

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