Thou art my Love, and I alway,
That nothing rueful thee dismay,
My every waking thought intend
From this beginning to the end,
And in my sleep I dream of thee
That unto me thou linkèd art,
And we are sailing, thou and I,
To watch the silver fishes fly,
The stars uncounted in the sky,
And that great floorway of the sea.
Then come with me if thou wouldst know
A summer that will never go,
Flowers unfading and the tune
Of sheepbells wandering in June.
And I will conjure till these seem
Such part of elfin land to thee,
That backed on swallow thou shalt fly
And chase the thistle floating by,
And ride on moonbeams through the sky
To rob dark night of ecstasy.
I am a world devoted quite,
That lives but when thou'rt in my sight,
Ah! dwell in me, and I will try
To make thee happy till I die!
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