O Lord God Almighty How Usefull Art Thou
To Darn The Knaves Cloak & To Paint The Thieves Brow
As Good As A Laundress Thy Kindness Has Been
To Help Starving Sinners & Wash The Unclean
Thou'rt As Good As A Nurse To The Sickly & Lame
That Live In Bad House's & Die In Ill Fame
For The Worst In The World Have A Passport For Heaven
While The Best Go To Hell Like A Deed Unforgiven.

& I'll Hazard Hell Upon Life's Roughest Waves
Before I'll Be Cheated By Ruffians & Knaves
Plain Honesty Still Is The Truth Of My Song
& I'll Still Stick For Right To Be Out Of The Wrong
The Honest & True My Example Shall Be
For While A Man's Honest His Conscience Is Free.
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