Ballad of Our Lady,


Hale, sterne superne, hale, in eterne
 In Godis sicht to schyne,
Lucerne in derne for to discerne,
 Be glory and grace devyne.
Hodiern, modern, sempitern,
 Angelicall regyne,
Our tern inferne for to dispern,
 Helpe, rialest rosyne.
Aue, Maria, gracia plena.
 Haile, fresche flour femynyne,
Yerne, ws guberne, wirgin matern,
 Of reuth baith rute and ryne.


Haile, yhyng benyng fresche flurising,
 Haile, Alphais habitakle.
Thy dyng ofspring maid ws to syng
 Befor his tabernakle.
All thing maling we dovne thring
 Be sicht of his signakle,
Quhilk king ws bring vnto his ryng
 Fro dethis dirk vmbrakle.
Aue, Maria, gracia plena.
 Haile, moder and maide but makle,
Bricht syng, gladyng our languissing
 Be micht of thi mirakle.


Haile, bricht be sicht in hevyn on hicht,
 Haile, day sterne orientale,
Our licht most richt in clud of nycht,
 Our dirknes for to scale.
Hale, wicht in ficht, puttar to flicht
 Of fendis in battale,
Haile, plicht but sicht, hale, mekle of mycht,
 Haile, glorius virgin, hale.
Aue, Maria, gracia plena.
 Haile, gentill nychttingale,
Way stricht, cler dicht, to wilsome wicht
 That irke bene in travale.


Hale, qwene serene, hale, most amene,
 Haile, hevinlie hie emprys,
Haile, schene, vnseyne with carnale eyne,
 Haile, ros of paradys,
Haile, clene bedene, ay till conteyne,
 Haile, fair fresche flour delyce,
Haile, grene daseyne, hale fro the splene,
 Of Ihesu genitrice.
Aue, Maria, gracia plena.
 Thow bair the prince of prys,
Our teyne to meyne and ga betweyne,
 As hvmile oratrice.


Hale, more decore than of before
 And swetar be sic sevyne,
Our glore forlore for to restor
 Sen thow art qwene of hevyn.
Memore of sore, stern in aurore,
 Lovit with angellis stevyne,
Implore, adore, thow indeflore,
 To mak our oddis evyne.
Aue, Maria, gracia plena.
 With lovingis lowde ellevyn,
Quhill store and hore my youth devor,
 Thy name I sall ay nevyne.


Empryce of prys, imperatrice,
 Bricht polist precious stane,
Victrice of wyce, hie genitrice
 Of Ihesu, lord souerayne,
Our wys pavys fro enemys,
 Agane the feyndis trayne,
Oratrice, mediatrice, saluatrice,
 To God gret suffragane.
Aue, Maria, gracia plena.
 Haile, sterne meridiane,
Spyce, flour delice of paradys,
 That bair the gloryus grayne.


Imperiall wall, place palestrall
 Of peirles pulcritud,
Tryvmphale hall, hie trone regall
 Of Godis celsitud,
Hospitall riall, the lord of all
 Thy closet did include,
Bricht ball cristall, ros virginall,
 Fulfillit of angell fude.
Aue, Maria, gracia plena.
 Thy birth has with his blude
Fra fall mortall originall
 Ws raunsound on the rude.
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