The Ballad of Will


The Ballad of Will

I will and yet I may not,
The more it is my pain.
What thing I will, I shall not.
Wherefore my will is vain.

Will willing is in vain,
This may I right well see.
Although my will would fain,
My will it may not be.

Because I will and may not,
My will is not my own.
For lack of will I cannot,
The cause whereof I moan.

Foy! that I will and cannot
Yet still I do sustain!
Between " I will" and " shall not"
My love cannot obtain.

Thus wishers wants their will
And they that will do crave.
But they that will not will
Their will the soonest have.

Since that I will and shall not,
My will I will refrain.
Thus, for to will and will not,
Will willing is but vain.
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