Baptized in Jordan

Still bright and blue doth Jordan flow,
Between his banks all rough and bold,
And round the far forgotten shore,
Where Jesus was baptized of old.

And only from the woodland near,
The lonely ringdove comes to sing,
Where erst the Spirit like a dove,
Came down upon her silver wing;

And where the voice of God was heard,
In silence o'er the desert sod;
And round the rocks that saw and felt
The presence of the Triune God.

Still in Thy Church, O Lord, flow on
The waves of Thy baptismal grace;
And still the holy Dove comes down,
As soft they touch each infant face.

And still above the new-cross'd brow,
The three great names of God are spoken;
And Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Are near to bless that healing token.

Oh, as Thy children wonder on,
Still o'er them brood, Thou Threefold Power;
And still the vow be on their souls,
They breathed in their baptismal hour.
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