Be Still Now

Be still now, for the wood is still, the light is still upon the wood,
And all the heavenly watchers brood between the moveless flakes of cloud.
The light that trembles in the dew is still, the breathing grass is hushed and still,
The restless shadeless pool is still, and shadow-pools beneath the hill,
Beneath the hill and all is still.

Why beats your heart so loud, so loud, beneath my gentlest finger leaps?
All through your veins the wild blood sweeps, your sight its agitation keeps.
O heart be still, O blood be tame; be hushed the shaking of thy frame;
Be dim the violence of that flame ... Never to such fury came
Aught but sorrow, morning-shame.

Be still! There's only madness lies before when all but passion flies.
Unseal thy breast from mine and rise, ere fierce love into fierce hate dies.
I am but man, and woman thou: one moment may the gods allow
To primal bliss and passion's vow ... Ah, pause, and hush, ah still thee now.
Be still and sleep as night sleeps now.
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