Bean Blossoms

I love the black e'en o' the scented bean blossom
And think o the dark eye of somebody
Its whiteness is just like the hue o her bosom
And thats my ain beautiful somebody

I luik on the flowers as I think on her face
They remind me o' sweet somebody
I long then to meet her in just such a place
A loving kiss I'd gie to somebody

How sweet the bean blossoms how rich the hedge rose
They seem like the presence of somebody
There's some like her features some hued like her clothes
They make me keep thinking o' somebody

In the west white and red clouds of even
Still bring me the image o' somebody
The fairest of all under Heaven
Is my beautiful lovely Miss somebody

Bean blossoms from furrow to ridge
Scenting sweetly remind me o somebody
The roses in bloom on the hedge
Are just like the image o somebody

I loo the black e'e o bean blossoms
Theyre like the sweet eyes o somebody
The lily reminds me of bosoms
And that is the bosom o somebody
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