Beautiful Maria

The setting sun it gilds wi' gold And village windows blazes now
While beauty's o' the finest mould Walk the green hills grassy brow
The bramble bends wi' drops O' pearl The silver daisy's turn to green
And beautifull the lovely girl That on those lone[l]y hills was seen

Maria beautifull Maria The hum[m]ing bee the glossy fly
From sun set to their homes retire And leave thee to thy evening joy
Beaded wi' dew the zephers wing Blows coolly on thy neck so fair
Perked up thy wild flower blossoms spring And join wi thee the cooler air

The jiant canterberry bell The sultan with its husky flowers
Close by her evening rambles dwell Rich wi' the evenings dewey hours
My loved and beautifull Maria What happiness the boon would gie
Close by thy side at days retire Might I thy loved companion be
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