Behold the Words Between the Summorner and the Friar -

The friar laughed when he had heard all this.
" Now dame, " said he, " so have I joy or bliss,
This is a long preamble to a tale! "
And when the summoner heard this friar's hail,
" Lo, " said the summoner, " by God's arms two!
A friar will always interfere, mark you.
Behold, good men, a housefly and a friar
Will fall in every dish and matters higher.
Why speak of preambling, you in your gown?
What! Amble, trot, hold peace, or go sit down;
You hinder our diversion thus to inquire. "
" Aye, say you so, sir summoner? " said the friar,
" Now by my faith I will, before I go,
Tell of a summoner such a tale, or so,
That all the folk shall laugh who're in this place. "
" Otherwise, friar, I beshrew your face, "
Replied this summoner, " and beshrew me
If I do not tell tales here, two or three,
Of friars ere I come to Sittingbourne,
That certainly will give you cause to mourn,
For well I know your patience will be gone. "
Our host cried out, " Now peace, and that anon! "
And said he: " Let the woman tell her tale.
You act like people who are drunk with ale.
Do, lady, tell your tale, and that is best. "
" All ready, sir, " said she, " as you request,
If I have license of this worthy friar. "
" Yes, dame, " said he, " to hear you's my desire. "
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