On Being Asked a Portrait of the Angel-Mother, and My Own

A negative the difference teaches
Of George compar'd with Jenny ;
She has no wit, she makes no speeches —
He never has — a guinea .

His Autumn is the first of May;
Nor prudes nor duns can bind him:
From Law to Girls he runs away,
And leaves Accompts behind him.

Her Winter's head is clear and bright
As in the days of youth;
Perceptions keen, with spirits light,
And words the seal of truth.

oeconomy (Affection's guide)
Is her prevailing spell:
But she no Pegasus can ride,
And cannot laugh so well.

Her wisdom is in Mercy's train,
From cold indifference clear;
She loves the heart that flies her chain,
Recover'd by a tear.

Jane , as her Son is under age ,
Could wish that he was older:
His prayer is Time's inverted page,
That long his arms may fold her .

Like boy and girl they often pout,
By turns they kiss and rail:
But still their lamp is never out,
Its light is never pale.
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